Different options We rent spaces of different sizes (starting at 5 x 10 feet) or showcases (glass case rentals). You stock, price and display your merchandise, and we do everything else. We provide the sales staff, accept credit cards, advertise and promote the store. Vendors are paid once a month and are not required to work in the store. Not sure what size space you're looking for?  Give us an idea of what you sell and we'll let you know what options we have available before you tour our available spaces.  If you prefer to start with a small space, we can help you expand in the future. Contact us for details.
Give us a call and we'll schedule a time to tour our available spaces. 781-436-0183
Homes For Sale
Would you like to become a vendor? Do you have your own business or would like to start one?  Renting a space to sell your stuff at Upscale Resale Gallery is a quick, easy and smart way to make some extra money. No matter how big or small, we offer a variety of spaces and have the right size for you.  We’re currently accepting applications for vendors & artisans.  In 2018 we changed ownership and expanded our store.  The new spaces filled up quickly and there is a waiting list for some sizes, but vendors may apply at any time.  Give us a call and we'll schedule a convenient time to tour our available spaces.
We also offer glass case rentals.
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Upscale Resale Gallery
The store sells antiques, collectibles, sports memorabilia, jewelry, furniture, hand-crafted and other unique items. Many items are allowed to be sold, a few exceptions are food, alcohol, fireworks and explicit or offensive items. In order to provide quality merchandise and variety to our customers, the Upscale Resale Gallery management may decline to allow any item to be sold in our store. We also reserve the right to reject or remove any item or ad for any reason, in our sole discretion, including any that negatively affect our relationships with our other vendors or customers. All vendors are reviewed for acceptance and we may decline rental to any vendor and reserve the right to cancel rental agreements with any vendor that does not comply with our standards or changes from the original acceptance.  It is our goal to have a wide variety of  merchandise and handmade products.  Considerations include:  quality, innovation and uniqueness of the wares;  overall cohesiveness and consistency;  how your items are represented and the need to diversify the categories presented.